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Monday, September 3, 2012

Pre Order Oversea - Keychain & Fridge Magnet

utk info terkini blh contact saye di sini ye...

atau fanpage 

Double Colander KC

Ice Prism Bowl KC

Heart Shaped KC

That a Bowl KC

Rock N Serve Ruby FM

Stuffable Blueberry KC

Stuffable  Green KC

Measuring Set Magnet 

Vent N Serve Blue FM

Flatout Purple KC

Heat N Serve KC

Orange Pitcher FM

Vent N Serve Black FM

Smart Steam KC

Can Opener KC

Ice Cream Scoop Black FM

Sports Bottle Fuschia KC

Mini Ice Cream Scoop White FM

Crystalwave Seal Stack FM

Mini Spatula Blue FM

Sports Bottle Kiwi KC

Sports Bottle Pink KC

Quick Shake Purple / Red / Blue KC


  1. Salam kak...mcm mana nk order fridge magnet...ada stok ke? FB : Lieza sy yea kak...tq

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